Thursday, 28 July 2011

Transporting The Message

Transporting The Message
This is a illustration the first of many of small side project i am drawing putting text to image allowing these two message to work together. The subject is to draw music to successfully draw this together. This is one of the hardest things to draw and gets questioned by creatives all the times so i am going to work on this for awhile as a side project to improve my drawing awareness to successfully draw music in imagery.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Frame The Plane

Frame The Plane
So for my show in London was a great success and now have some nice box frames and have framed these prints with the drawn elements and the photography presented into Photostration i like to call it. Want to point out what a loverly day it was to photograph the plane
and am please with the hard work from friends and family put into this and that how they helped me and now to see them in prints behind glass for all eyes to see is a beautiful finalization !

Sunday, 24 July 2011


        Stickers on View
For my time in London exhibiting my work at Free Range entitled Brink
i ran about the place to bars, streets and loo's to stick my stickers around to help show case my site and the show and the stickers have my .com website on to allow people to see y online presents and see what i am about in the creative world.

Brink in London

Brink on Brick Lane

This was a show in London called Brink to help show case Bournemouth Arts final previous students projects and mine was based on Aviation. This show allowed me to have a public London viewing base to help start my illustration practice get off the ground and enjoyed the response's i got from the viewers.
I was doing the London thing of living up in London for the week while the show was on and went in every day and placed out my business cards, paper planes and stickers to allow more people to take something away with them to help show case myself. The show was a complete success and  i understand what i need to do to help push my practice forward and the type of finish the industry demands and likes for a good exhibition. This then will allow me to have a happy successful viewing session from the audience allowing the work to be at its greatest potential for the possible clients and agents to have interest in my work exhibited.